About Us                                                                                                                             

A love of craft, creativity, and the act of scoffing delicious treats is behind Blowing Dandelion.

We keep it simple by using the tastiest, freshest, and most ethically-sourced ingredients that we can get our hands on.

Our chocolates are freshly made in small batches, so the result is always original, tasty and sumptuous.


What’s in a name?

We often get asked why we call our chocolate company Blowing Dandelion. It’s because this very simple, free and wistful image is the guiding thought behind everything we do.

You can always think of this miniature moment of escapism if it all gets a bit much: the flight of a dandelion seed as it travels on the unseen zephyrs of a summer breeze. Alternatively, you could always devour some tasty chocolate. Either way, happiness is restored.